Our Cottage Door

  1. mcf
  2. November 4, 2012 11:41 am


The newly built cottage door — a year ago.

Our front door. The simple, unfinished boards are well-suited to an unpretentious, rustic cottage.

The plank door acts as a “storm” door over a regular door that we don’t actually use. (It currently opens into a space between two bedrooms that we’ve converted into a very small office space.)

When it came time to replace the rotting front door on our antique cottage, there was no way we could bring ourselves to do anything other than try to replicate what was already there. But, you don’t just walk into Home Depot and find wide boards to re-construct an antique plank door.

Happily, my husband undertook the search and found a small sawmill, C&M Rough Cut, a little over an hour away from us in New Salem, MA. Jim Conkey, the owner, had our “dream” boards on site — 18″ wide rough cut — and the price was just $30 for both! A carpenter we had hired to install several new windows built the simple plank door one afternoon from the two lengths of wide boards, reusing the hardware from the old door.

Here’s the cottage door today, after weathering for one year.

It’s one of the least expensive home projects we’ve undertaken, but I get so much pleasure from it!

Often I’ll stop in the driveway — whether walking or driving — just to pause and admire the simple door. So plain. So lovely.

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