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  2. November 2, 2012 10:50 pm

All images via Joan Heaton Architects

I stumbled across Joan Heaton Architects in my December 2012 issue of Cabin Life magazine. The magazine features a simple and remote 600 s.f. cabin that the firm, based in Bristol, VT, designed. The cabin itself is truly inspiring and green in more ways than one. Built using green building practices at the northernmost part of the Green Mountain National Forest, the cabin site was (and is) inaccessible by vehicle. One of the many site challenges the architect addressed was how to get building materials to the site. Solution: a 75 foot pedestrian bridge!

Impressive. But then I checked out the architect’s website portfolio. Oh. My. Goodness. Cottages and shingle style homes. Cabins. Farmhouses. Small homes. Historic architecture. Timber frame.

The architect, Joan Heaton, brings her unusual background to her architecture. She taught architecture and focused on evaluating green building materials at the Yestermorrow design-build school in Warren, Vermont. And she’s not only an architect, she also has worked as a carpenter.

My favorite from the portfolio is a vacation cottage on Lake Champlain:

Lake Champlain Home exterior

Above: Picture the great stone fireplace with a roaring fire.

Above: Love both the color of the barn door and the hardware used to hang it.


Or, maybe the Modern Cabin is my favorite:

Above: I can just imagine how relaxing to sit on that deck.

Above: Note the compact kitchen tucked into the back.

Above: Drawn to the hardware used to create the curtained privacy wall between sleeping and living space.


Hm. What do you think? Cottage? Cabin? Small home? Check out the Joan Heaton Architects portfolio yourself. Which is your favorite?

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