Cottagely is an online resource for buying and selling cottage real estate.

I started Cottagely because I love all things cottage and want to help cottage buyers and sellers connect. Cottagely is also a way for me to justify all the time I spend oogling cottages online!

I live in an antique cottage with my husband and son in a small town about an hour outside Boston. Unlike anonymous “McMansions” and other non-descript housing, cottages have character, a personality all their own. And I find living in a cottage as a year-round home or enjoying one as a vacation getaway helps to anchor me and feed my soul.

Of course, there are many different definitions of a “cottage.”


In modern usage, a cottage is usually a modest, often cosy dwelling, typically in a rural or semi-rural location. However there are cottage-style dwellings in cities, and in places such as Canada the term exists with no connotations of size at all (cf. vicarage or hermitage). In the United Kingdom the term cottage also tends to denote rural dwellings of traditional build, although it can also be applied to dwellings of modern construction which are designed to resemble traditional ones (“mock cottages”)
In certain places (e.g. Eastern Canada, Scandinavia and Russia) the term “cottage” (in Finnish mökki; in Estonian suvila; in Swedish stuga; in Norwegian hytte [from the German word Hütte], in Russian дача (dacha)) can refer to a vacation/summer home, often located near a body of water. However, in the USA generally this is more commonly called a “cabin,” “chalet,” or even “camp.”

The Cottagely database currently includes cottages, cabins, and camps located in the United States, however, we expect to expand to Canada–and further afield–in the months ahead. You’ll find styles ranging from coastal cottages, to mountain lodges, from lakeside getaways, to rural retreats.

During our beta launch, you can list your cottage for sale for free. Create an account, upload property details and images, and your cottage for sale will be posted on the Cottagely website at no charge. We will also share listings on our social media channels, including Twitter and Pinterest. Absolutely free of charge and no credit card or payment required.

For us, a cottage invokes a state-of-mind and being, whether it is a rustic camp or a luxurious retreat. It’s our goal to bring buyers and sellers of cottages together and to make dreams come true.

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